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oral sedation advice



Junior member
Mar 26, 2024
although it’s warranted against, i have a habit of googling when i’m anxious…
that being said, i have to have 3 cavities filled, one is a ‘deep’ one on my rear upper molar and then 2 others on the same quad. i have panic/anxiety disorder as it is apart from the dentist so i’ve opted to take an oral sedation pill. because this is unfamiliar for me, naturally i’m feeling a bit apprehensive of the unknown. i’m not sure which specific script i’ll be given, all i know is i have to take it an hour in advance at the dental office then sit in the waiting room. one of my concerns is having to sit in a room with who knows who while i’m possibly “out of it”, just seems like a strange thing for me to wrap my head around. so i’m wondering if anyone could share similar experiences/success stories of their treatment with oral sedation. i have someone to drive me there and pick me up but i’m not sure they can stay and wait with me. i’m looking forward to putting this behind me and trying to think of the positives as it is an amazing option for someone who is anxious. would really appreciate any positive experiences! thank you.
Hey! I hope you are ok. I had IV sedation when I went to dentist recently for a pretty big filling, which worked super well for me. But I wanted to Saturday I’ve had oral sedation for non dental things and found it very helpful and calming - I had it before having a coil fitted (sorry if TMI, but for context I was really frightened for similar “control” reasons as I am about dentist). I had to take it about an hour before - then my friend took me, when I arrived (about 15 mins before my appt time) I was still aware what what going on, I wasn’t “drunk” and just felt quite calm. In the procedure it felt “quicker than real
Life” but I liked that I felt a bit removed from situation but still able to say “stop”. For me
It wore off quite quickly but that might have been other meds I was on at time. I was very happy with how it helped me x