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Oral sedation success



Junior member
Apr 25, 2021
Hi, I'm due to have two teeth extracted, but last week at the dentist I fainted, and almost vomited too. I couldn't stop shaking, so has to reschedule my appointment. I'm absolutely terrified. Just thinking about it makes me cry.
My dentist had advised asking my GP for Benzo's.
I'm wondering how much help they will be.
I usually get nitrous for extractions, but once I had to get one done at my dentist (who doesn’t offer nitrous). I had an oral sedative (Ativan) and it worked just fine. It helped me relax enough so that I wasn’t shaking.
Thanks very much for replying. My dentist has advised me to ask my GP for swadyjon, because they don't offer it. If the GP won't allow me to have it, I'll have rto find a sedation dentist.
Hi there ?‍♀️ , there’s a thread on this topic here, with lots of good info:


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