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Oral surgeon NHS waiting lists



Junior member
Aug 21, 2008
Hi again,

Just wondered if anyone knows what the average wait is to see the maxillofacial surgeon on the NHS (number of weeks from your initial referral to consultation and then to actual surgery)?
The waiting and not knowing when the appointment is going to come through is almost excrutiating!!!:shame:
Although I can't give you an idea of waiting time like anything else I should imagine it varies widely depending on location. Obviously you have seen someone already to know that you need referral so I should imagine the best thing would be to ask them, if they have not already given you an idea.
varies over the country i think? I went to a@e begining of june,the max fax arranged an appointment a week later then a pre assement for ga then another 6 weeks so about 8 weeks ! if you go on the cancellation list then could be sooner
Good luck
I think the official national target is 18 weeks. Some areas are a bit ahead of targets but not many of them.