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oral surgeon that has only 1 review online and work at 3 different offices?



Sep 30, 2023
I have 2 back molars teeth that need to be extraction. I'm scheduled to see this oral surgeon next week. He is a younger age oral surgeon but he has a degree.
I decided to Google to find reviews on him and I only find 1, yep 1
And also from his name he is working with 3 difference dentist offices under the role of oral surgeon, so I guess he go back and forth to 3 offices.

Any concerns?

I really want the molars out as it abscess and advanced gum disease. It all about numb me up and just extract it, it not impact or anything.

Should I just take this risk and just get it over with, I'm probably just worry too much aren't I?

Thank you.
Hi, I can't really answer your question but what I've found with Google is that the reviews no longer appear under the name of the individual dentist/doctor/etc., but under the name of the dental practice/office/doctor's surgery/etc.

So if you read the reviews of the 3 different offices where he is working, you may find that people mention him in their reviews. I know, it's a lot of extra work, but often worth the effort :) (not promising that that's the case in this instance, but worth checking)
@gumdisease I personally would find it a good sign that 3 different people are willing to hire him, I feel like that is 3 dentists vouching for this person in a way. Also, it sounds like if someone was giving him a good review, they might give it under the name of the dental office, even without mentioning his name, so a review saying "I had a great experience at southside dental office" might actually be about this oral surgeon, but you wouldn't know because they don't say his name. Of course there is no way to be sure, but that might explain the thing about the reviews.