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Oral surgeon


Anxiety Riddled

Feb 13, 2024
I haven’t been to the dentist in years due to severe dental phobia. Over the past few months my wisdom teeth started coming in fast and giving me a lot of discomfort to the point where I haven’t been able to eat solid food in over 2 months. I finally took a baby step and scheduled a consultation directly with an oral surgeon (because I don’t have a dentist). I was wondering if I need other stuff done (like fillings) could they do those at their office while I’m under anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal or is that not something an oral surgeon will do?
Not something an OS is allowed to do in the US, they'd get into big trouble with your State Boards for working outside their speciality. (I think, I'm a bit out of touch with US dentistry these days)

They might be able to bring a restorative dentist in to do the work while you're in but I doubt if many have the facilities for that. You could always ask them?