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Oral surgery next week and asking for tips for totally terrified



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Jan 16, 2019
Hi everyone.
I have posted before about problems with having my bridges removed and then not being able to get used to a false tooth plate (which I now never wear).
I have had a lot of work done on my teeth and suffered extreme levels of anxiety having it done (I have never got used to it). But despite all this work (mostly on my front teeth) I had to have my bridges removed because I risked losing my front teeth. Now I have gaps quite close to the front and am very self conscious. I don't smile. But my dentist won't do anything to make my teeth look better until I have a curved root removed which is UR5. He said this had to be done and healed first before he does new bridges (or flexible false teeth) and makes my two front teeth better with crowns.

I saw an oral surgeon and she said this curved root won't be easy to remove. She said if it isn't done properly, as it is close to my sinus, when I drink, liquid could come out of my nostril! Nice thought, eh?

So this procedure will take about 40 mins or so, will involve drilling, putting a flap of skin over it and stitches. She warned me of pain afterwards and to rest.

This is the hardest I have ever had done. I had stitches once before through a traumatic removal (do I have any teeth left?!) and ended up with a dry socket which was very painful indeed.
But it is the procedure. The last time at the dentist I had a panic attack and he had to stop for me to walk around a bit. I went straight into flight/fright and was shaking from head to foot. And that was a nothing procedure compared to this.

I can't get up during this procedure. She advised me to take stronger diazepam of 5mg (I asked for IV sedation, she doesn't do it). But too much diazepam makes me spaced out and ironically (through fear of losing control) actually makes me anxious. But if I don't have it done, my front teeth won't be worked on and I will remain unable to smile.

I am very anxious about this next week, I don't know how I will get through this, from the numbing (that always makes me anxious, again the losing control bit) drilling, stitching...the lot, as I will have no control and just wanted to share this in case anyone may understand/help. Thank you.
I am so sorry you have to gp through this. I can sympathize. I have had quite a few procedures this past year that I didn't think I could get through. For most of them, I opted for nitrous oxide. Would that be an option for you?
I just had to have a molar extracted at my dentist, though, and he does not offer any sedation. I asked my doctor about lorazepam, and used that. I only took 1 mg.
Two of the procedures I had involved an opening to the sinus. One was an apicoectomy, and the endodontist perforated into my sinus during the procedure. I did not have the flap, but since it was sewn up from the outside, it healed itself over time. I just had to avoid blowing my nose for a few weeks.

The second one was with an upper molar extraction. The oral surgeon pulled a tooth that had a root that went deep into my sinus. He sewed a membrane over the hole...not sure if that is the flap procedure or not. Again, I had to avoid blowing my nose for a few weeks.

It sounds like the oral surgeon was making it sound really scary. My endodontist and my oral surgeon made sure to tell me that it was not a big deal and that it healed up nicely. I even saw an ENT afterwards, because I got a sinus infection after each procedure, and he even said they resolve themselves very well.
Thank you MountainMama, that is reassuring. It does sound very similar actually. I was also told I can't blow my nose for a few weeks afterwards.
She doesn't do Nitrous Oxide either. I think it is all quite limited there.
From what I know Lorazepam is stronger than Diazepam. What you took is the equivalent basically of one 5mg Diazepam. I just hope it helps me to get through it.
Thank you again.
Hi Rebecca,

Sorry to read that your dentist is not too mindful about dental anxiety. Reading you had a panic attack during dental treatment in the past I believe a dentist who works with you should take this seriously and discuss options with you. One of such options is sedation, another one would be to discuss things that could trigger your anxiety and think of ways how to make sure your fear doesn‘t take over. The general rule is (or should be) that empathy and communication come first, medication second.
I know your question is more sbout „how can I get through this (with this dentist)“ however, if you have any choice, I would encourage you to chose your surgeon carefully. You are the one who decides at what terms you would like to get your treatment and ideally, who provides it, so if you feel you would do better with iv sedation, it might be good to look around and find a surgeon who offers that...

All the best wishes
Just wanted to second what Enarete said. This may be something that you should discuss in more detail with the surgeon. That way you you will have a plan in place for how to deal with the anxiety the day of surgery. It seems odd to me if you are seeing a specialist for the surgery in the US that they don't offer any form of sedation.

I had a couple of impacted wisdom teeth removed 5 years ago. Ended up seeing two specialits about it. Both offered sedation but I went with the second oral surgeon because the first left such a bad impression during the consultation. If you have the option to see other specialist, it might be worth it even if its just to compare your options.
Hi, I don't have experience with what you're going through. However, I do want to share that after I discovered IV sedation was not an option for my root canal, I talked with my general physician in person and she essentially prescribed me oral sedation. It was Xanax combined with Benadryl and it was SUPREMELY helpful. I needed my husband with me because I was super out of it. My mom did that same combination (under her general physician's guidance) to get a core needle biopsy recently and also had a remarkably positive experience. My dentist/endodontist were not able to prescribe these medications but my GP did and it made a world of difference. Good luck!
Sorry to hear about your ordeal :(. It sounds very unusual for an oral surgeon not to offer IV sedation :confused: (and really concerning that she's not mindful of anxious patients). Did your dentist refer you there? Do you get on well with your dentist? Could you ask your dentist if there is someone else they could refer you to who is good with nervous patients?
Thank you. To everyone, and I can see what I was thinking here too...that basically this oral surgeon might not be right for me (especially not being able to offer IV sedation). What happened was my dentist did refer me to a dentist (who does do IV sedation) to do this oral surgery but as I am in the UK, I was also on the NHS waiting list and so this oral surgeon is NHS. I ended up not seeing the dentist referred to me when I suddenly got called by the NHS (this surgery would be free, with the private dentist: expensive). So that is how I have got to where I am but I am beginning to realise that it is a mistake, and that seeing this NHS oral surgeon might even traumatise me. I was in contact with the private dentist and paid a small deposit, but I cancelled appointments with them in the end, when the NHS one came up. As my whole treatment is going to cost a small fortune, I needed to save money. Thing is, I could be putting my mental health on the line (Not trying to be over dramatic!).
It was Xanax combined with Benadryl and it was SUPREMELY helpful. I needed my husband with me because I was super out of it. My mom did that same combination (under her general physician's guidance) to get a core needle biopsy recently and also had a remarkably positive experience. My dentist/endodontist were not able to prescribe these medications but my GP did and it made a world of difference. Good luck!

I'm glad those drugs worked for you and I admire you greatly for going through with all the work you've gone through. Unfortunately for the OP though, she's in the UK and neither of those drugs are available here :)

OP, is this a hospital based Oral Surgery service? Seems odd they don't have the facility to give sedation.
Hi Gordon
I just rang them up and figured it out. The oral surgeon rents rooms from a private dentist, so it isn't hospital based but it for Torbay hospital (she works for them). I spoke to her nurse who told me this surgeon is the best max surgeon ever (she has been a nurse for her for 13 years) and that because she is a specialist, she will be a much better job than a 'normal' dentist. But there is no iv sedation because it is NHS. She just suggested diazepam and that maybe it won't be as bad as I think...
That makes some sense now. Diazepam is pretty crap for sedation for dental purposes. Can they not take you into the hospital and do it there under sedation?
I'm so sorry. I'm right there with you. I would definitely look into an IV sedation dentist. I'm going under tomorrow morning for dental cleaning and I'm worried I'll lose at least one lower front tooth.

I understand the anxiety. It isn't easy to overcome. I don't think I ever will, either. I took 10 mg of diazepam for my wisdom/molar removal last week and it barely *did a thing*. I felt a little less anxious, but not a ton.
Hi,I know not everywhere does iv sedation but is there no way of getting g/a? I know how your feeling my 3rd op is supposed to be in a few wks and it doesn't get any easier still completely terrified,there's no way I could be awake (not that its ever been an option).
Sorry about the miss understanding. I saw Plymouth in your profile, RustyRebecca and assumed it was Plymouth, MA. :ROFLMAO:

In any case I hope you can figure out something that will help you cope with the anxiety during the appointment.
Thank you. This is difficult, I don't know what to do. A 40-45 min appointment is a long time to me and I don't think diazepam will make much difference. I already take 2mg each day, so I don't believe even a couple of 5mg will make a difference as ESchmidt86 and Gordon said. I have read varying reports, Gordon. Some say 10mg of diazepam helps them, some say that as soon as they get in the chair, they can't do it. I am worried this will be me. Worse, that she will get part way through and I will panic (this is what really concerns me). But no, they won't do it via the hospital. I suppose this is the NHS, you have to take what is offered. The surgeon's nurse was reassuring but not really when it comes to my anxiety! Good to hear the surgeon is excellent, but that really doesn't help my anxiety and having to try and get through this procedure. I can only think of cancelling with her and going with the dentist that was originally referred to me (they do IV sedation) and paying quite a bit of money, in the hope that despite me cancelling, they will take me back...
Trying with the original dentist with iv sounds like a good option, will keep my fingers crossed for them to take you back...

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