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Oral thrush-----need help!



Junior member
Sep 18, 2013
I am a 47 y.o female with Juvenile onset Diabetes or type 1 Diabetes. I had over 90% bone loss in all my mouth and within the past 4-6 weeks had ALL my teeth removed. Obviously that is a lot of stress to go through and has had a lot of effects on my diabetes and overall health. About 2 1/2 weeks ago I noticed a thick white film on my tongue. Being a nurse I realized the signs of Thrush- I tried over the counter remedies first; taking Garlic tabs, rinsing with peroxide and warm salt water and nothing worked. I went to my doctor and he prescribed oral Diflucan and the Thrush actually got worse! I went back about a week later and he now has me on Oral/Liquid Nystatin which I swish ansd swallow 3x daily have been using for 5 days now and STILL --NO CHANGE!!! I have no pain or discomfort but very frustrated how to get rid of this---any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
Generally thrush responds well to what you have been given so I suspect that your blood sugars run high. The key to treating all infections in a diabetic is good levels.