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oral thrush? Sypmtoms?



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Jan 15, 2013
It seems like it never ends! LOL..I had my last extraction last tuesday...I was put on amoxicillin 500 ..Today (monday) I started having pain everywhere in my mouth ---gums and teeth..It felt like my mouth was burning..My mouth also felt really tight? I called the oral surgeon and his nurse told me she thought I was having a reaction to the antibiotic..She said she would talk to the dentist and call me back..She called back and said the dentist thought it sounded like oral thrush from my antibiotics and prescribed some tablets to dissolve on my tongue..I said I didn't have any white stuff in my mouth that I can see and she said you can't always see it..Does that seem like a correct diagnosis? He didn't have time to see me today but I have an appointment to assess things on Friday....It felt like I was going into lockjaw:((((( Will I ever feel better? With no pain? I thought when I got rid of my decayed teeth it would improve:cry:
Hi lillyh I am really sorry to read you are having yet more problems, I think you are probably that run down that your body is having trouble healing its self. Although I am only guessing here as you know I am not medical in any way, but with all the infections and then having the treatment I think your body is just flagging a bit.

I know it really does pull you down and the constant pain is very draining. It will get better with time. I really hope that sometime soon you will feel much better. Keep going, as if you had any choice :ROFLMAO: you will get there in the end.

I do feel for you :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:

You could also think that if this is how you are feeling now, how bad could you have felt if you hadn't had the teeth extracted. Your body will eventually get on top of this. :XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug:
Once again THANK you Carole,
I'm not a spring chicken by any means, lol......I guess the older I get the longer it takes to heal..I have an appointment on Friday so the oral surgeon can give me a once over..Once I get past this I will be okay..Just seems to be taking forever...How have you been? Good I hope.....
Hi I am okay Thank you :)

Sometimes these things can happen and I myself had a spell last year when the dental problems just wouldn't go away, still dealing with it now. Like you I just continue to see the dentist and between us all we will get it sorted, I have my own dentist and a dentist at the hospital both tackling my problems.

You will get better, I just hope it isn't too long for you, Good luck for Friday, hopefully the os will come up with something that will help. :grouphug::butterfly: