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Oral thrush



Jan 29, 2006
Please can some one give me some advise? I have not been well with a nasty virus with heavy cold and now cough. And sore throat. Now after two lots of antibiotics , I have got thrush. I am ment to be going to see a Dental consultant on Thursday, with a view to having my back teeth out. !! 9 in all, yes I am very scared. As I also have Anxiety as well. This does not help. My teeth ( touch wood ) Are not hurting but are rotten. Anyway hope some one might be able to help Thanks regards amandah
Courses of antibiotics can kill off many of the normal bacteria you have on you and in you, and that allows the thrush organism (a yeast) to overgrow (many women get yeast infections after a course of antibiotics for exactly this reason). This yeast is not normally a problem, and is a part of your normal flora. However, I would not undergo the extractions until you get it under control.
There are medications (antifungal) for thrush, like nystatin. Call whoever prescribed the antibiotics for a prescription that will clear it up.
Hi Thanks for your advise. I will make an appointment for Tuesday and go and see the GP, as its now a holiday weekend, and I cant go and see them till tuesday. Thanks regards amandah