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Oral thrush



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Sep 4, 2020
Hello oh wise ones! Me again.
Iv been suffering with the most awful mouth pain for 2 weeks, Initially thought it was tonsillitis as it started at the back of my throat and it was red raw. Anyway after it kept on getting worse and I could barely talk from pain in my mouth this week i phoned the doctor. Turns out it's just oral thrush which is affecting my throat aswell. Never had it before but honestly, it's awful!!!!

Anyway, they've prescribed daktarin oral gel 4x a day. No instructions apart from hold in the mouth 2 mins before swallowing. My whole mouth is sore and swollen and horribly painful (I'm a big baby I know) - am I meant to brush my teeth before using it? Or after? There's very little in way of instructions with the tube but iv got to use it for 7 to 10 days.

Iv stopped using the tepee brushes for now because its too painful and I'm too much of a baby.

I'm trying to keep brushing my teeth as normal but the paste burns. Do I need to get something different? Or just keep on as I am with it?

I don't want to make it worse.

Thank you
Have you had a course of wide spectrum antibiotics recently? Oral thrush is pretty rare for youngish people in good health. Have you had any blood tests done?

Anyway, brush your teeth before using it. Try a blander toothpaste like Sensodyne original flavour. Or even just use a wet brush for a couple of days. You won't make the Thrush worse but please avoid stuff like Corsodyl gel or similar.

Try to get the gel as widely dispersed around your mouth as you can. Keep using it for at least 5 days after things have settled down as the fungus can be hard to completely eradicate.

Could be a lot worse, most GPs prescribe Nystatin which is possibly the most foul tasting preparation ever invented :) Daktarin is relatively pleasant.
@Gordon I had antibiotics for tonsillitis in September but no antibiotics since then. I had two courses quite close together though. I did have a horrible bout of sinusitis a few weeks ago which took several weeks to clear but no antibiotics for that. No recent blood tests and the only thing iv recently done any differently is restart my vitamin D. Its much improved today thankfully, I can at least talk without being in pain and I can see a difference in my mouth already.

Sounds like iv had a lucky escape, he was going to prescribe some liquid which i presume to be Nystatin but it was out of stock.

I wonder if it's worth me requesting bloods just to check things anyway.

Thank you as always
If you were a bit rundown due to the sinus problem then that might have given the Candida a chance to get going. Vit D won't make any difference (although it's generally a good thing in the UK, according to my tame dietician).
Nystan is truly foul, but it's always the GPs first pick, I think they should be made to take it themselves occasionally :)

If you ask for bloods then what you're really interested in is the serum folate and B12 levels, apart from a "normal" FBC (full blood count).