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Oral Valium before IV Sedation?



Junior member
Aug 5, 2009
Hi, all,

Posted here recently after leaving an oral surgeon's office due to his poor bedside manner. I consulted with another surgeon, whom I liked, but ultimately stood him out for an extraction appointment I had made for this morning. I am having an *impossible* time working up the nerve to get in the chair for my wisdom tooth extractions (all broken through, none impacted).

Both surgeons have refused me an oral Valium or other sedative to take the morning of the surgery so I have the ambition to get seated in the chair. I'm terrified of being put "out"--it's never happened--and very uncomfortable with the idea of being worked over while unconscious. Both of them indicated that the Valium is "unpredictable," yet I see several mentions of anxious patients being given a sedative before IV insertion.

Is this such an unreasonable request? Would it make more sense to have the extractions done under Valium and nitrous, which the new surgeon would be willing to do?
I think it all depends on personal preference. You could be given nitrous oxide before they insert the I.V because it would not interfere with the medicine given through the i.v, would they be able to do that for you?
Probably, but that doesn't help the morning of, or the drive over there.
Hi Rightright:

Valium, like other benzodiazepines, can effect people different. Valium was developed as a muscle relaxant, with tranquilizing properties. It can make you quite dizzy. Valium is not used much in the USA anymore due its very long half-life (100+ hours.) This means 50% of the medication is in your blood plasma at this time. Valium can also cause fairly severe "hangover" effects.

Valium can cause significant motor and reflex impairment. You should never drive under any circumstances. If you had someone drive you, then you could ask for an anti-anxiety medication. One of the most common is Ativan.

I would talk with the OS about these alternatives.

Blessings :)
Find someone else I routinely recommend a preop sedative prior to any nitrous or iv drugs I might use. All I really ask is that I know what and how much.