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Junior member
Oct 26, 2021
Ugh. I had root canal 3 weeks ago on tooth on right side. I'm finally getting to get the cap put on. A large chunk of the tooth broke off during the RC procedure and I have another cavity next to it that the dentist is going to take care of so they gave me a 3 hour appointment. My freak-out though is that since I've started eating on the opposite side during the three weeks, now I'm in massive pain on that side! Oddly it came on when carrying over a fairly heavy bowl of food to the table. Does lifting something heavy worsen cavities moving the nerves around or something?? The pain feels like it's in my nose and down to the teeth below that. There's general TMJ pain across all the teeth with special attention to that tooth area below a painful nose. The tooth that might be the culprit is the small one to the left of the front tooth. I think it already had a cavity a long time ago and some band or something around it if I'm remembering correctly. There is a new brownish stain on the front. The gums above look fine. Not sure about the underneath. It hurts a s@#-ton.

The dentist hasn't looked at the left side of mouth yet as I originally went to the dentist about pain on the right. Then I had long wait to get the root canal from the endodontist and then another long wait to get this cap.

I guess I'm just venting and scared of what's next. :(