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Over 12 years since being to the dentist. My experience so far



Junior member
Apr 2, 2017
Hi guys, after reading through many posts on here I got the courage to follow through with my first dental appointment in many years... so first off thanks to everyone who posts on here. I just wanted to share my experience so far and try to contribute.

I'm 24 and couldn't tell you the last time I've been to the dentist. Talking at least 12 years...most likely more...until a month ago. I had a horrible experience when I was young causing terrible fear to the point of throwing major fits, my mom gave up trying to get me to go. Growing up I didn't brush much and really neglected my teeth. Each year the thought crossed my mind to finally go but the fear of what they would say needed to be done and overall embarrassment of how I took care of them left me reluctant to go. Around 2015 maybe earlier part of my back right molar fell out from being so decayed. Slight pain turned into severe on and off. Over 2 years the hole seemed to get bigger and more painful up until February 2017 I was on the floor crying in excruciating pain one night. It was honestly the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. I thought I knew what a toothache was boy was I wrong. I called my mom in tears lol at 24! The very next day she scheduled my appointment for me. I was so scared and couldn't sleep much leading up to the appointment. The day finally came and I had my mom go with me even into the room. They were very nice once they realized how nervous I was. Of course tears were streaming down just from sitting in the chair.

First they took a full set of X-rays and really focused on the tooth I said was giving me the pain. The dentist went into my mouth and starting tapping on my teeth with his metal instrument which I didn't like at all but I guess he had to. He said I have 2 really bad cavities from what he could see in the x rays, one of them being my back molar with the hole which was infected and giving me the pain. He told me a root canal was needed. They informed me that they do those procedures in the office, however with me being so scared maybe it would be best to go to a Endodontics specialist since they provide gas to relax me. (The dentist I choose to go to does not provide gas) I was also told I have 2 impacted canines that never erupted plus all my wisdom teeth. I asked other than the 2 bad cavities...what condition are my teeth in? Do I need to get dentures??? They laughed and said no I don't want to get dentures. He saw quite a few other minor cavities that would just need fillings but said to be honest, with it being so long since being to the dentist and not having any cleanings in over 12 years, plaque build up is covering most teeth on the x rays? I was kinda upset I didn't get a definite answer on what was going on with all my teeth but I guess we will find out.

They gave me a script for antibiotics for the infection of the tooth, and pain killers if it got really bad before the root canal. They also wrote me a script for Valium and I'm to take it before every dentist visit to calm my nerves. They gave me the information to schedule my root canal with the Endodontics and scheduled me for a deep cleaning 2 weeks from then. Less than a week after my initial visit I was at the Endodontics getting my root canal. Between the Valium and the gas I didn't feel anything. It wasn't bad at all. The worst part is just the waiting from the moment you schedule the appointment up until actually getting into the chair. Oh and the needles don't hurt except for the one they put in the roof of your mouth! Only thing that sent me through the roof for a brief second but he did forewarn me.

The doctor was very nice he made sure I was completely numb before starting by using these cotton swabs that were freezing cold. He would place it on the tooth and gum and once I couldn't feel it we were good to go. Again didn't feel a thing however tears were still coming down my face lol I think it was mainly the sound of all the drilling and seeing all the tools going past my face.

I think it took about an hour? They finished off with a temporary filling. Once it was done I my right cheek was a little swollen. Didn't feel anything until about 3 hours later when all the numbness wore off. I took ibuprofen and haven't felt a thing since. After having on and off tooth pain for over 2 years, it is such a relief to not feel anything! After leaving the specialist, I called my dentist to let them know I had just had the root canal and currently have a temporary filling in. They scheduled me for my Crown which I just went for that appointment this past Monday.

3 days before I went for my crown appointment I went for my deep cleaning. The hygienist was nice again once she realized how scared I was. The cleaning is painful but it's what I fully expected after being so many years. About 45 minutes and a few tears later my cleaning was over and I rinsed out over 12 years of gunk that she had removed from my teeth. She said since it's been so long I need to come back in 2 weeks to continue my cleaning for I think she said root planing/scaling?

Again, 3 days after my cleaning I was back again for my crown. I'm not gonna lie for what ever reason, maybe they didn't numb me enough or maybe it's because I didn't have gas...this entire process sucked. It hurt more than my root canal. Once they finally got my impression/made and placed my temporary I was so mentally exhausted and had enough of the dentist. My temporary crown is a bit to big and my bite is really messed up. I can't connect my teeth on the other side of my mouth, can only bite down where my temporary crown is. Chewing is a major pain in the ass. I really don't want to have to go back to have it corrected at the moment so I think I'm gonna rough it out until I have to go back in 2 weeks for my permenant crown which is being done the same day as the second half of my deep cleaning...yikes.

Little by little I am getting my mouth finally taken care of. Yes I've only been to 4 appointments so far and yes I've cried at every single one of them but it's really not that bad! My phobia will never go away but that's why I have Valium for my appointments..even for a cleaning...lol.


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Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
Well done, even though I been for dentist loads of times for checkups, my phobia will not go away