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Overbite Anyone?



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Oct 10, 2015
As I mentioned in a previous post, I consider myself lucky that my teeth are in pretty good shape, give or take a handful of cavities, for as long as it's been since I've been to a dentist (2008). One issue that I know will be brought up whenever I do finally go is my overbite, which is pretty bad and hard to miss from a dentist stand point. I think it's gotten much worse since the last time I went.

Physically from the outside (with my mouth closed) you can't tell. Even smiling in pictures you can't tell. But from the inside with my mouth closed, it's pretty uncomfortable (especially when sleeping) and has been causing me some headaches and toothaches lately, because my jaw pops in and out so much (not sure the jaw popping is the cause or effect of the overbite). When letting my teeth/mouth rest naturally, my bottom front teeth line up with the very top back of my top teeth, to my gums (if that makes any sense). Going from resting naturally to forcing my teeth to line up is what makes my jaw pop.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has experience with this as far as 1) is it fixable? 2) how is it fixed? 3) are there any long term damages done by not getting it fixed? (other than dealing with the discomfort)
I got a small mouth, with either a crossbite or overbite. I know I don't smile much for photos because my teeth don't come together. I had some work doing (fillings) when I was nine my first dentist wanted me to have a operation on my jaw but my parents did not want me to have it done, I was not much keen on the idea at the time.
I had a cross bite (overbite in the front and underbite in the back). It was fixed with braces and a device called a palate expander.
I also had braces but the removable type which did very little in my teens. so if i do need more dental work in the future it may have to be implants.

I get scared going to the dentist every time I go
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I'm not sure how bad it is from your description. A dentist or other dental professional would be able to tell you better the pros and cons.

For me, I had an over bite and a cross bite. Not sure how bad it was per say, but it was uncomfortable for me. I had jaw pain and bite problems and chewing problems. Finally decided to get it checked. I went and got braces and the orthodontist referred me to a jaw surgeon. The doctors worked together on my treatment. I had both jaws operated on in July 2014, when I was 27.

My understanding is that for children it's an easier fix. They can use devices like a palate expander or similar things to correct problems. Once you're an adult though, it usually requires surgery.

My advice is talk to your dentist and see whether or not they refer you out for something more in depth. Think about it carefully, because the surgery is a big deal. Long healing time for me.

Good luck.