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Junior member
Dec 9, 2010
:(I am 27 years, my doctor took an x-ray and he noted that i have an overbite which had caused protruding of the upper lip.

I really hate my upper lip and feel i need to do something. I lost one of my teeth and the doctor suggested inplant, braces to deal with the overbite or a surgery

Please advise

So, what did your x-ray show?

Your dentist would not need an x-ray to diagnose an overbite. Is your lip pushed out by your teeth? I take it that's what you mean. Most overbites would be corrected by using orthodontics - ie pushing the protruding teeth back using braces.

This may require removal of some teeth also, but I don't see how an implant would help. (Bearing in mind I haven't seen your teeth, etc, etc..) Depending on the nature of your overbite, surgical intervention might be appropriate.

Sorry I cannot give more advice given the limited information. But I do hope that helps :)
My teeth are not protruding. It is my upper lip that is protruding and the dentist said it because of an overbite.

He suggested an implant because i lost of one of teeth. He noted that if i do not put an implant / a denture, the gap would be seen after the surgery

I really don't know how to proceed. I am scared of braces because i feel they are children. I am 27 yrs so i am scared of societial reaction.

Braces are fairly trendy in adults here, whereabouts in the world are you living?
While its not appropriate for all cases, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about invisalign.
Gordon i nlive in East Africa. I have not seen an adult with braces that is why i am concerned about the braces option.:confused:
invisalign may be a good option but only worried about the cost.

Will try to ask the dentist. In your ctry, is it cheaper than braces ?
invisalign won't sort out a skeletal class 2 Decan!

It's much more expensive than conventional ortho as well.
Which is why I said "its not appropriate for all cases." :)

I read the post pretty fast and didn't notice anything about a class II malocclusion. Looking back I can see how its probably class II div I.:oops:
:)What is a class 2 ?

If you require more details to enable you come up with the best option, i am willing to provide
it seems we have few Orthodonits. I want to proceed with my option when i am sure i will get the best / expected results. At least a 99.8% success which i do not think i can attain with our orthodonists. We have many dentists that Orthodonists.