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Overcoming complete Dental FEAR and Phobia



Junior member
Mar 9, 2018
I am new here just today and I first want to thank all who have shared their stories. I know telling your story is hard. I just want to say that I, like many others do have horror stories of my own. But over time I learned two things. One, I got myself where I am with my teeth out of fear from horrific experiences with dentists and bad dental care by a few dentists. I will not go into that here. Remember this, yesterday is gone and this is a new day. Just because you had bad previous experiences does not mean you will have them in the future. However, the anxiety of the trauma left behind is real and we have to figure out how to handle that in order to go forward.
For me it took researching dentists, following up on recommendations from friends, talking to office staff and taking baby steps. One day at a time. With every new experience I had with a dentist I got closer to the right one for me. Don't be afraid to tell them your fears. The right dentist will help you. And so will the staff. Anyone who tries to belittle you about it or treat you like a child is NOT the right one for you!
I will tell you that After I found the right dentist for me and I got my root planning and scaling done the first time I was at ease after that. My dentist explained everything he was going to do and his staff member held my hand, cried with me, did whatever they needed to do to help me and have me return including follow up phone calls to check on me. Sadly, I lost him when I lost my insurance. My search led me to another dentist when I got Medicaid. He is not as good as my other dentist but I have to give him a chance, don't I? Also, I found a great Oral Surgeon worth his weight in gold and do not have to be put to sleep for extractions. Yes they are uncomfortable but once the nerve is numb all is well.
I do have apprehension but not to the degree it once was. Just keep in mind, all dentists aren't like the ones we have experienced. Many more good ones than ones not so good. Don't give up. Our teeth are the foundation of our health. And once we get the treatment done our faith in our dental care and confidence grows. You can do this! We can only help ourselves. Remember you do have control. It all starts with that first step. Keep trying!;)