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Overcoming crippling fear



Jan 29, 2020
Hi guys,
it has been a while since i posted here and thought i would share my success story.

I am a very anxious person but going to a dentist, hell even just thinking about booking a dental appointment would give me the worst anxiety attacks where i would literally make myself sick from anxiety.
Anyway i got the courage to book appointment last December after a couple years avoiding dentist, i wasnt in pain or anything but wanted a check up to put my mind at ease and stop thinking anything negative as in if there are problems with my teeth.
Well i needed a few cavities filled (wasnt a problem, uncomfortable yes but was all good), and well my worst fear happened and was told after x ray that i would need my two upper wisdom teeth removed and one tooth right next to one wisdom tooth.
He wanted to do it right away but i was ready to pass out jut at the thought and personally i wasnt a big fan of that dentist because he was kind of rude and didnt make me feel welcome there i guess.

That same week i booked a appointment at another dentist (such a horrible anxiety filled week).
This new dentist was absolutely amazing. He and the staff there were just wow. He did a check up and x ray and so on and told me only my two upper wisdom teeth needed removal because they were impacted im sure was his reason and he told me there was absolutely no reason to remove the other tooth.. so yay only two teeth needed removing and i still felt like the anxiety was going to kill me haha.

I went in two weeks later for first tooth removal. The dentist said he only wants to remove one at a time to make it less stressful for me and due to how scared i was he suggested going on laughing gas and oh my it got rid of all my anxiety and before i knew it, the tooth was pulled and i didnt feel anything.
Healing was the worst part, wasnt in much pain but it was just uncomfortable for about 5 days..

So i went in for other wisdom tooth removal a few weeks ago and i was still very anxious but i was brave enough where i felt i wouldnt need the gas and well it was pretty simple to get through. the worst part was just the noise..
Healing on that tooth was a breeze. it was almost as if i didnt even have a tooth pulled and felt 100% after a day or 2

Anyway long story over but i would highly recommend finding a dentist who makes you comfortable and getting second opinions when it comes to tooth extractions if you are not sure about one dentists opinion