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Overhang filling causing chronic gum pain



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Dec 11, 2020
I have an overhang composite filling between my upper molar and second crowned premolar (recent xray composite)
I'm flossing it 3 times a day because food gets stuck there and my gum hurts a lot without bleeding. The gum has a black spot and some recession. I'm depressed looking at this mess :

Prior to this, I had an overhang amalgam made by Dentist 1 in 2016 and removed by Dentist 2 in 2019 due to severe gum inflammation (old xray amalgam)20201211_124144.jpg

Dentist 2 used a dental matrix for the composite but it still has an overhang ? My tooth remained sensitive for 3 months after the replacement. Now he told me to have it redone for a 3rd time ? but I have dental phobia and I'm depressed at the idea of getting another bad filling.

Why is it still failing? Is it difficult to get a proper filling between those teeth? How to find a dentist skilled with interproximal fillings? Do I have to see another dentist?

Meanwhile what can I do?
Nothing seems to help. Flossing doesn't even relieve the pain. The throbbing wakes me up at night. Interdental brushes don't go between my teeth.

Any advice to relieve me?


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Yes, get the filling redone properly. Delaying it will not help at all.
Getting good contacts between teeth is very difficult with composite, especially in this case where the gum will be terribly inflamed and bleed all over the place. Unless you've got huge objections to it, I'd go for another amalgam.
Oh thank you! ?

May I ask you, do receding gums go back to their initial place once you've made a perfect contact point or is it irreversible?
Is gum surgery required in my case?

What is the black spot on the gum? It has been present on both vestibular and lingual sides for one year.
An amalgam tatoo, an abscess or necrosis? ?
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It depends (sorry!). Age, sex, medical history, how long it's gone on for, what amount of bone has been lost, aftercare etc etc...

Amalgam tattoo by the look of it.