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Own fillings



Jun 21, 2010
Because iv been waiting for so long for a dentist and my anxieties iv been doing my own fillings temp filling but one i used permanent one brought online. Iv got my appointment with a new dentist in January but im so worried what she will say about these fillings especially the permanent one. Its making me want to cancel the appointment even though iv been waiting over 5 years to get here.
Have you read the FAQ on here about being embarrassed to go to the dentist? We honestly don't care that much!
No even me putting permanent fillings in?
Nope. Don't care :)
Ok thank you Gordon. May i ask you a question. I read a lot about how to regrow gums and you can buy this and that. Can you please tell me can it be done. :)
Up to a point it can be done, if you throw enough time, money, surgery and home care at the issue. There is a stage though where it's too late, no matter what you do... :(