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Pain 2-3 months after filling



Junior member
Aug 12, 2016
I'm a 16 year old girl (I dont know if this matters or not), and 2 and a half months ago I had a regular checkup at my dentist, and my dentist found a small shadow that she thought might be a cavity at the right side of my upper row of teeth, so she started the drilling and filled it in afterwards. So just to give some background information, I've NEVER had a cavity in my life before, and this one (my first) was very small, according to my dentist. However, ever since I was little I've always been told that I have "weak enamel", which according to my dentist might lead to uncomfort when eating very cold or very hot foods, but I've never felt that way before and she told me I was lucky, in that case. Now back to after the filling, I didn't feel anything the first day, but after that I've been getting this pain when I eat or drink (temperature doesn't matter, it hurts anyways, although it is a little worse with hot or cold drinks/foods) and when I bite down (only when I bite at a weird angle, I've had braces and all so it's nothing wrong with my bite). When my dentist did the drilling I felt like she did it really quickly to get it over with because she could probably notice that I was very uncomfortable, so maybe something happened, but I dont know. I'm just very concerned and I have really bad anxiety, and I have an appointment at my dentist in three days, but I wanted to post my situation here as well, in hopes that maybe some of you have an idea of what's wrong with me... haha.
Hi Rainbow and :welcome:

I'm sorry that I can't give an answer as to why you are having sensitivity issues but I understand how something like that may make you anxious, I get that way too. :) The good news is, through my many years ( I'd love to be 16 again! ;D) I've found that my worry is usually unwarranted and things are never as bad as they seem. When we have anxiety we have a tendency to let our imaginations run wild and fear the worst. I'm glad that you have an appointment coming up as I bet your dentist will be able to correct the problem and get you pain free in no time. Someone may come along with a suggestion as to what could be wrong but if they don't, your dentist will be able to see and examine you and give you the best explanation.

It never works when someone tells you to not be nervous so I'll just suggest that you try to keep yourself busy by having a fun week-end! Wishing you good luck at your appointment!:clover:

Warm wishes,
I'm not a dentist - just another person with anxiety about the dentist... But, one possibility is that your filling could be a little bit high. This is very common and very easy to fix. Your dentist will check bite for that tooth to see if there is too much filling material in one place on the tooth and then will quickly file it down if that is the case. Even a very small adjustment can make a huge difference. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
Thank you both for kind words and support! :) I guess when I let my imagination flow as to what could be wrong with that tooth of mine, it`s not gonna make it any better:giggle: Especially not when I start googling my "symptoms" and all of a sudden I find all kinds of different diagnoses that doesn`t exactly calm me down.. haha. Luckily though, I found this website! :clover:

Thanks again for your replies!
I'm not sure if your appointment was today or is tomorrow but I hope it went/goes well and that your sensitivity issue has been resolved. :thumbsup: Also, you are so right about "Dr. Google" - always a bad idea if you are hoping to ease anxiety as searching seems to give you even more things to possibly worry about. :)

Lastly, I should have said in my initial post that it is really great that you have been taking such good care of your teeth and getting regular check ups. :jump: Keep up the good work!!!