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Pain 2 months after filling



Junior member
Aug 30, 2021
unfortunately I have yet again another dental issue. I had a deep filling done in November on a molar, it took 2 weeks for the nerve to settle and almost had a burning sensation. This tooth has been through a lot. Cracked, the original filling also has been replaced as it kept leaking. Eventually it settled and I had no pain. Now I have again developed that Constant burning nerve pain all of a sudden which doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’ve booked an appointment with my dentist. I’m suspecting the nerve is dying though. Is it normal for a tooth to settle have no pain and then get inflamed again? Thank you.
Yes. The settling bit is probably either all or part of the nerve actually dying off, the subsequent pain will be if some bacteria have got into the dead nerve and causing issues, or else the rest of the nerve dying. In molars especially the nerve is branched into several sections down each root, so you can have one root section die at a time if you see what I mean.
I understand. Im guessing a root canal will be the next course of treatment. Thank you Gordon for your reply.
Most likely it is I'm afraid.