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Pain 4 months after root canal and crown



Junior member
Sep 28, 2020
Dear all,

Firstly, I wanted to say that I am very happy to join your community :)

I wanted to ask for some advice because I am going through some dark dental moments.

My story starts approximately one and a half year ago when a dentist while filling my second upper pre-molar, reached the pulp.
Long story short, after that filling I had acquired horrible cold sensitivity in that tooth and after numerous visits at many different dentists all of them reassured me that it will resolve at some point, so I waited it out.

At some point after one year, I felt my the tooth getting numb and I immediately went to a doctor who performed a root canal. I have to admit that the pain when the anesthesia wore off was excruciating, although I found it normal back then considering the one year were the tooth was suffering.

After some days, the debilitating pain subsided, but there was always pain upon tapping the tooth which made me a bit concerned. Before sealing the tooth with a filling, I reported to the doctor that I had pain and he said that it wasn't normal and I should consult an endododist instead. Did that, the endododist I found after recommendation completed the root canal procedure, placed a crown and got to a point where after 4 months I had intermittent pain at my gums and upon tapping the tooth the pain radiated through my face ending at my forehead. Need also to add, that the tooth was NEVER pain free, even before the placement of the crown, but still the endododist said that it will resolve through time.

Went back to my endododist, I communicated my pain concerns with her, she suspected ligament inflammation and that is why she prescribed a nightguard. During those two weeks that I am wearing the nightguard, nothing really changed and in fact yesterday I started having throbbing pain deep in my tooth and pain at my upper jaw radiating which caused a horrible headache :( Today, since my problems weren't resolved and in fact got way worse than anticipated, I visited her again for consultation, she did an X-Ray which was clean and she gave me antibiotics for one week just in case there is a minor inflammation that the X-Ray cannot pick. She also insisted that is not coming from the tooth and the area I am complaining to have pain at is close to the bone and I should visit an ENT..

Now I don't know what to do, after reading threads of other people I am considering asking having my tooth pulled out and discuss the possibilities of an implant. My symptoms in a nutshell are :

1. Pain at my gums around my tooth
2. Postponed pain (~5s) after tapping the root canaled tooth that radiates from the tooth to the forehead.
3. Upper jaw bone soreness - e.g upon touching my cheek.
4. Since yesterday, throbbing pain, especially when moving

I am getting really stressed that due to ignorance I am starting developing serious problems - e.g osteomyelitis and looking for some genuine advice from people who had a similar experience to what I am going through. Of course any other advice would be also welcome.

Thanks a lot for dedicating your time in reading my post and looking forward to your replies :)

Niall Neeson

Niall Neeson

Well-known member
Verified dentist
Apr 18, 2019
Hi the_lost_interleukin,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having so much trouble with this tooth. I understand that as well having to experience the pain, it can also be incredibly frustrating.

Firstly, absolutely no reason to consider that it’s something systemic like osteomyelitis so you can relax on that front.

I have to say that the sequence of events and choices from your dentist do not sound unreasonable. The fact is that most teeth with root canal treatment will settle over time. Unfortunately, occasionally teeth just don’t seem to play ball or follow the usual path of recovery. This is no fault to your own but may be down to a little crack or micro-canal continuing to gather bacteria that may not even even be visible to an endodontist.

Sometimes there can be some interplay between a tooth problem and a sinus issue and I expect that this is what they would like to rule out at ENT. Again, not unreasonable before making an irreversible decision to remove the tooth.

Unfortunately, it may be that despite all your efforts the tooth may still be best to be removed. This does occasionally happen and, although it’s maybe no comfort to you, it is incredibly frustrating for us dentists when this happens too. We want you to get better. We want you to be happy with our treatment. We want to make the right decisions for you and your well-being.

I hope you find a solution to the ongoing discomfort soon. I’d love to be able to wave a magic wand and fix it but at least be re-assured that: 1. you’re not on your own with this and 2. there’s no reason to think it’s something more serious.

Hope this is of some help or comfort.