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Pain 8 days after wisdom teeth extraction



Junior member
Jul 30, 2018
Hello everyone! I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled last Saturday. The top two and bottom right don't hurt me at all, but my bottom right is still in pain. It's not horrible and has been managed with taking 400mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours. My right cheek inside is also a bit swollen. I tried to look inside the socket to see if it's healing properly but it's too dark inside, like the socket looks deeper than the other one. I can already see the white healing tissue on my left side but not of the right. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to get it checked out but I'm so anxious that it's infected. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance!
You should be okay. That’s my guess. Eight days is probably just slightly in the far side of the normal bell curve.

Thank goodness you you are going to the dentist. Let us know how you do.