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Pain after deep cleaning a root planing...



Sep 16, 2010
Friday morning I went in for a cleaning and ended up with a deep cleaning and root planing as I had 4 teeth that had deep pockets. Everything went well, but I am still in pain on the upper left side. This is where she did the most work. It is not really a throbbing pain, or a sharp pain, but a more dull constant ache. Is this normal? How long should I expect this to last? Even taking over-the-counter meds (paracetamol and ibuprofen) doesn't take it away completely. I guess I am worried something is wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️
@JustMe1972 sounds normal, try giving it a extra fews days
@Kml1998 Thank you for the reply. I figured I was overthinking it, but the constant achiness does my head in! Hopefully, it is better soon!
My dentist informed me this can be normal for a few days after SRP - something about increased sensitivity caused by the cleaning. I had it, it resolved within a week.
It can take awhile for the nerves to settle down after work. That plus they removed the plaque covering at least part of the roots that are now exposed to things like cold and acids in food and drink. It can be an unfortunate side effect to halting the bone loss that was going on but in the end it's worth it. Hope you feel better soon.
@lhvetinari @Davee Thank you both for the replies! It's been a week today, I am about 90% I am still having some issues in the areas she dug around the most and some jaw issues. Probably from having my mouth open for an hour. They told me to give it a week, so I'll call Monday if it is still acting up. :)