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Pain after deep filling after 3 months



Jan 30, 2024
I’m hoping someone might be able to advise me what to do and help with how frightened I feel as this place has been very helpful to me before. I apologise for posting about the same tooth again and hope that’s ok.

About 3 months back (it was end of feb I think) I had a deep composite filling done on bottom tooth (second one back after the “pointy incisor”). It goes over most of the top and the side of the tooth in contact with the next one back (I think they called it DOC if that means anything).

I thought the side of the tooth had chipped a tiny bit (and still think it is but dental therapist couldn’t see it - I’m not dismissing their opinion I’m just worried. They were v nice). But it hurts a lot. Like
It hurted for a few days then stopped, about a month before it broke and I had to get seen. The pain is burny, it’s still very sensitive to hot and cold. It stings and burns in bouts. I’m not sure if it’s actually this tooth or the molar behind it which has some staining in the pits (was deemed fine when seen in feb).

Dentist told me at the time filling might not work and it would then need RC or extraction. I can’t have a RC under IV sedation as my NHS service won’t do that (which is how I had the filling). I’m worried about having it out as will look v obvious when I talk (I’m sorry if that sounds vain, I’m very self conscious and anxious) and also the impact having it out might have on other teeth shifting (is that a thing?).

All of this means im v scared to go and get it looked at - partly cos therapist thought I was a bit bonkers when I went back last time. The sedation dentist and nurse that I really trusted have now left which makes it all feel even harder.

Pain is bearable - but not nice. I was awake a couple of hours last night. Got and cold is sore as - even touching it with a cold finger hurts.

Does this mean the filling has failed? Could it be the tooth behind?do
I need to just get it out? For context, I had a big filling on upper molar about 10 years ago and that still twinges at time and wa sore a long time after it’s been xrayed and checked back then a few times but nothing wrong. Can you just be very sensitive to the filling material?

Anxiety has kept me in constant state of panic for a few days. Do I need to get it seen urgently?

Thank you and sorry for waffling on.
Hi @Whatififly,
I am so sorry to hear you having this problem. It must be very disappointing after summoning up the courage to have the treatment in the first place.
I do not like the fact that it has kept you awake a couple of hours last night. Whilst one cannot be 100% sure, it does sound like the nerve is starting to die.
It is probably best to get it checked sooner rather than later for two reasons:
1) the pain can get worse very suddenly and if you prefer to have sedation, then this can take time to arrange.
2) It is easier to numb the tooth, which has to be done even if you have sedation, if you do not leave it until the pain has become really intense.
Hope I'm wrong and it settles but I wouldn't bet on it.
Thank you so much for your reply it’s really appreciated. Trying to find a nice dentist to go back to.
It’s settled mostly but probably still needs to be seen doesn’t it? It hasn’t hurt like that again just still sensitive - though not as much as before. But could that be because it’s died?

Thank you so much for your help
Yes and yes