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Pain after fillings? cavity was near the nerve, need some answers please.



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Jul 31, 2012
Quebec, Canada
I was able to get an appointment for Oct.9 instead of Oct.19 to repair 2 cavities, and with the dentist i prefered as well. The dentist assitant then told me a cavity on 1 tooth is very near the nerve.

Now i noticed he seemed he used a lot of amalgam (silver) filling for both teeth. The dentist said it looked great, and said it should be sensitive to heat, cold and pressure (?) for 2-3 weeks maybe.

Afterward, i had a sore jaw on that side, i guess it's normal... but i also noticed sometimes it's a little painful from time to time. I checked around the net and some said it's "upset nerve" and should last a few days and if bother me that much, to take Advil (ibuprofen).

But then i would like to ask, since the cavity was getting near the nerve, is it normal that the pain can last longer to finally settle? it seem like i can chew on the teeth without having pain (i ate a "poutine" today, and a soup having potatoes in it).

Or maybe it's psychology? maybe i'm thinking about it too much? i know i'm thinking way too much about dentist and teeth lately, since before the first x-rays (before the 2 teeth extraction on my lower right jaw) at this dentist cabinet, i didn't went to one for many many years.

I'm saying psychology because i had this similar pain before having the teeth repaired, but this pain sometimes changes tooth/teeth, and sometimes there's no pain. And because i often have anxiety and stress going on, and weird things happening to me because of that (i remember something really weird happening to me where i wasn't able to eat big pieces of food, it was all in my head...)

So please help me there...thanks.
Re: Pain after fillings? cavity was near the nerve, need some answers please.

I think it sounds reasonably normal if you've had some large fillings placed then it can take at least a few days for the teeth to settle back down again.

If the pain is getting worse or is persisting for longer then you should give the dentist a call and ask their advice.
Re: Pain after fillings? cavity was near the nerve, need some answers please.

it wasn't bad today. Yeah they're large fillings. and when i slide my tongue on them, it feel a bit rough, i wonder if that would soften with time.

I was surprised that what took the most time were the numbing (why does he have to inject me like 4 times??) and the actual process of putting the filling in and adjusting, not the drilling.

Afterward, the left side of my jaw was sore, and still is a little a bit, since i'm not used to keep my mouth open like that.

The dentist said it could be sensitive to heat, cold and pressure (pressure as in pressing the teeth hard together?) for about 2-3 weeks as well...

Also, i remember when eating with a fork, i touched the teeth with filling with it, and it felt weird, like a "metal on metal" feeling, maybe because the fillings need more time to settle in?

edit: it did took more time for my gum to heal than the usual 20-30 days.

It doesn't really hurt when i put some pressure on the teeth (closing them together) though it do feel strange since the "structure" of those teeth changed, and the pain seem to change places when it does, it doesn't "hurt" always at the same place (sometimes it seem to be newly-fixed teeth, sometimes others which doesn't seem to have cavity), so i would like to know "does anxiety can cause random tooth pain"?

Also, so far, It doesn't seem to be the kind of pain that wake me up when i sleep. just pointing this out here.

I had 2 teeth extracted, and those 2 teeth fixed, and i have to go again to fix 2 more teeth, and possibly the 4 wisdom teeth extracted, though i think they can be repaired, the dentist said it's better to remove them...

So maybe it's all this anxiety and stress due to all these appointments i took and have to take still?
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