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Pain after recement of old crown

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Aug 4, 2010

I previously had a crown put in two years ago that had become loose recently. On a check up visit to the dentist I mentioned this and so with much ease she lifted the crown off. She cleaned up all the old cement inside the crown and still on my tooth, and drilled some more in my tooth as she said the original root canal treatment was protruding too far leaving very little tooth area for the cement to stick to.

I wasn't numbed, nor did I feel any real pain. HOWEVER a few hours after the crown had been pushed down and I had bitten hard to get it at the right bite a dull throbbing pain has set in. It's dull enough to make my whole lower jaw ache. Obviously, the pain is worth should I press on the crown with my tongue or finger, but generally it's a dull throb making it hard to concentrate on much else.

My bite is normal, the crown isn't loose anymore. I never had any problems with it before, aside from the coming loose issue. However, this pain is still here, almost two days on. Is it normal or should I be worried?
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It's hard to tell from here, I think you should ask your dentist to check it out for you.
Would it not be general pain from having treatment and should recede in a day or so?

I just had some max strength ibruprofen and it's dulled the pain a little enough for me to feel a little better, making me think that it may not be anything serious after all?
It's up to you at the end of the day.