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Pain again,



Junior member
Jan 8, 2015
Hi ,

I had a re root canal in February by an endodentist and it went well after the bone was badly infected. The late x rays show an almost complete healing. But two weeks ago I started to feel pain when I bite on the the first tooth ( three molars were retreated ). The doctor thought it was the upper tooth as pain sometimes irradiates so we did the re root canal and the pain is still there. What can it be ? I am really sick and tired of this problem as it is lingering since October 2013. The pain is sharp when I bite but quickly goes away which is not the throbbing I was feeling when the infection was there. Any ideas as the doctor could not see anything on x ray

Thank you

PS : By the way this website is a gem for people like me :)
sounds like a hairline fracture I'm afraid.
dentist may be able to see the fracture though it isnt always possible.
If the tooth hasn't been crowned or onlayed then I would get a temporary crown/onlay made and see if the sharp pain on biting goes.
if the pain persists/worsens then the future for the tooth is poor I'm sorry to say