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Pain and Sensitivity in Several teeth after filling replaced



Junior member
Sep 7, 2015
I had a filling replaced on a lower back left molar because of a chipped tooth. The chip was on the inner corner cusp of this tooth. The dentist said it was better to replace the filling on the entire tooth and fill the chip with the same filling so that the tooth is stronger, rather than just adding an additional filling to the chip (which he said would make the tooth more susceptible to chipping again).

Anyway, he put a dental dam in and was rough with me. He was putting a lot of pressure on my front teeth to pry my mouth open. He also had trouble getting the floss in because my teeth are tight. I have been in moderate pain for a week now and the pain has spread to my other teeth on the left lower side as well, including my 2 lower front teeth.

I’ve never had pain after the dentist before. It was only a chipped tooth from biting down on an olive pit and I had no pain before going to the dentist. At first I thought his roughness may have caused the pain. Now I worry there may have been some damage done and the filling replacement may have been unnecessary, since I had no cavity and recently had that filling done in the first place. I think it may also be the tooth sending pain signals to my other teeth. I also have a cold now and read online that tooth pain can happen when someone is sick. Perhaps the pain and spreading of the pain is normal and it will go away soon. I’m not sure what it is exactly. I really want this to go away and would appreciate any help! Thanks :)


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

Are you sure the dentist did just a filling and not a rct. If he did a filling has it gone deeper than before and is it irritating the nerve. Teeth can be a bit sensitive after treatment and may need time to settle down but a full on toothache isn't normal. If the dentist was rough and you don't feel confident with him find another dentist that you can feel comfortable with :butterfly: