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Pain continues months after root canal



Junior member
Jan 13, 2013
I had a rct on an upper premolar in December. Prior to having the root canal my general dentist noticed a crack in the tooth and cleaned out the tooth which had a deep filling with some decay around the newly discovered crack. He then bonded the tooth thinking all would be fine. I continued having discomfort which I had prior to him working on the tooth which then resulted in having the rct with my endodontist. All went well, scan and X-rays were done and rct completed. It is now over 2 months and this tooth is still having intermittent discomfort. I am a grinder/clencher and have a new nightguard. Tooth was taken out of occlusion so I am not grinding on it. My dentist has been reluctant to replace temporary filling and putting in permanent one since he prefers to work on the tooth when it is feeling more comfortable but that isn’t happening on a consistent basis. I see him next week to evaluate and hopefully take out temp filling and replace it. As far as a crown, we are waiting to see what happens with the discomfort before moving forward with that. My endodontist said he suggests I wait until the 6 month mark post root canal as this is the appropriate time frame to give the tooth the benefit of the doubt. In the meantime, the tooth will feel ok for a few days and then begin to hurt again. Any ideas as to what may be the cause and also any suggestions as to what steps to take moving forward? I certainly do not want to extract if at all possible.
Thank you!


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Sounds like the dentist/endodontist are managing things as well as possible under the circumstances. Cracked teeth are massively unpredictable and each one needs assessed on its own merits.
Basically wait and see what your dentist thinks is the only sensible way to go.


Junior member
Jun 1, 2022
@Kluch I hope you get relief. I have had trouble with mine for several months. I bit down on something hard and I guess caused trauma on the the upper molar and lower.. the lower had a filling and the upper a root canal and crown 3 years prior. The dentist said I needed a root canal on the lower one. I went to an endodontist and had that done, then crowned a few weeks later. They still are tender and sore 3 months later. I
Can’t chew on that side. My bite feels off even after adjusting. My dentist took down the occlusion. I have started grinding because it feels my teeth aren’t sitting right back there even though they say they are. It feels terrible on that side. My dentist is going to make me a guard, but I worry about my bite not being right. I had the endodontist check it too.. she recommended tmj treatment first before doing anything more invasive. It’s very frustrating. I’ve never had anything like this before. I have other crowns and had root canals with no problem. I sure want out of this uncomfortable cycle. I go on the 3rd to be fitted for a guard. I don’t know if these teeth will ever heal. They have been X-rayed by the dentist and the specialist. I am taking ibuprofen and they said to try a muscle relaxer a few nights. They ibuprofen helps some, but I can’t stay on it. 😞