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Pain during cleanings



Junior member
Nov 28, 2021
Hi! So due to genetics, lack of funds, love of acidic drinks and a huge fear of dentists, I have horrible teeth. Most of them either have fillings/crowns or they are extracted or broken beyond repair. My dentist made a treatment plan and we’re slowly working through it. I had the scaling and root planing procedure done about six months ago, so I have to get cleanings every three months now. My first cleaning after that procedure was excruciatingly painful, probably because of all the broken teeth and all my other teeth are very sensitive too. I have to get another cleaning tomorrow, and I have talked myself out of canceling that appointment a million times. The thought of the cold water and scraping on my sensitive teeth again makes me want to run far, far away. Is there anything that can be done to help the pain during routine cleanings? For the scaling and root planing they numbed my mouth, is that an option with regular cleanings as well? I need something to help the pain. My nails were dug in the chair the entire time they were doing the cleaning, and I just kept praying for her to break out the floss because that meant it was all over.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
I’m not a dentist but are you comfortable letting your dentist know of your concern? They don’t want you to be in pain but the cleaning is important. So I bet they will have some sort of solution if you ask! Good luck
There's plenty of things that can be done if you tell them. Did they not notice the distress you were in last time or were you too good at hiding it?
I have very sensitive teeth, and atypical facial pain. Cold water on my teeth sets off my teeth like lightning bolts and then sets off the atypical facial pain for days afterwards. I hate cleanings as well, but I told the hygienist about the sensitivity and she squirts the water on my tongue and lets me swish it instead of spraying it on my teeth. That helps a LOT because it warms up first. She is also more gentle with the scraping.

It never hurts to ask!