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Pain from Impacted Wisdom Tooth and Fear of Removal



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Jan 10, 2017
In the last week or so I have developed tooth pain due one of my wisdom teeth being impacted. It started as a low aching and has since (in the last 4 or so days) become unbearable. The Strange thing is that It will cause me very little pain during the day however starting at around 9 pm pain grows worse and worse(This is while I am still up and about not while I am going to bed) to the point where at some times I want to scream in agony(does anyone have any idea why the pain spikes at night??) . The only thing that seems to ease the pain is holding cold water in my cheek over the area, but the effects only last until the water becomes warm. It has come to the point where I cannot sleep. I simply stay awake all night constantly drinking cold water to dull the pain until I eventually fall asleep from pure exhaustion. I have tried several methods to dull the pain including using an ice pack and rinsing with warm salt water and several over the counter painkillers but none of it has worked (I do not have anything that could numb the area such as clove oil or a numbing paste) I am certain the tooth is impacted however the pain is so intense I have begun to fear that the impacted tooth may have caused an infection. (reading online about infected teeth and several horror stories has made my fear of this whole situation sky rocket.I have an appointment to see an oral surgeon tomorrow but I am terrified of what I might hear. I am terrified that he might tell me the situation is very serious or something along those lines. I am also terrified of the whole tooth extraction procedure. I have been informed by my regular dentist that I will need to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed ((only one is hurting) and I do not do well with pain , I realize that for the surgeon I am going to I will be asleep for the whole procedure but (that opens up a whole new issue I will discuss in a moment) I really fear the pain after the procedure. (and anything that could go wrong during the procedure) One of my major fears going into the procedure is the injection through a vein in my arm. This fear is mainly due to the fact that several months ago I had to have a blood test in which I went to a local lab to have a technician draw my blood. The technician tied a tourniquet around my arm and spent several minutes trying to find the vein in my arm- after which he told me I had very deep veins and that he couldn't find the vein in either of my arms. He then went to get someone else whom he said was very good and they too couldn't locate the vein. He ended up having to draw the blood through a vein in my hand which leaves me worried. Would the anesthesiologist or who ever is admistering the injection be able to find the vein? And if not will I end up simply being numbed and using laughing gas? (I would likely have a panic attack if that ended up being the case, I do NOT want to be awake during the procedure) The last thing that is on my long list of worries is my meeting with the surgeon. I know I need to just get this over with but what if he checks my teeth and can't schedule me in for a few days or longer? I can't live with this night time pain...

(I apologize for this being fairly long but I really needed to get this off of my chest...) If anyone has an idea why my pain is so much more intense at night your reply would be greatly appreciated
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I can't tell you why it only happens at night but before you've gone to bed. Perhaps you clench during the day? Perhaps it's related to what you eat for dinner? It's impossible for anyone here to say. I wouldn't worry about infections though - if it's infected, antibiotics will clear it up. If you develop a fever with the toothache then contact emergency care, but you're not going to drop dead or anything. :)

Are you having general anaesthetic or IV sedation? Honestly, I have pesky veins too, but when I went under general anaesthetic, they used my hand anyway. It was fine. Well, the anaesthetist had to hit the back of my hand a few times (I presumed this helped the veins show up or something?) but that wasn't really a big deal.

I had all my wisdom teeth removed (along with all my other teeth too) and the recovery wasn't really painful at all. I was swollen and tender, but it's nothing like the pain of a bad toothache, which as we all know can be some of the worst pain there is!

Hang in there. :)
Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most routine dental procedures there is. You'll be absolutely fine. I, too, am having all four wisdom teeth removed over two appointments (two at a time) because one of my teeth has been giving me a great deal of referred paid and another is impacted. They're both bottom teeth, but my top wisdom teeth are also being removed since they will have nothing to bite onto once the bottom ones are taken out. You'll be absolutely fine. If you're getting pain from the impacted tooth, I bet any pain you'll get from the healing process will be much easier - and of course very temporary, whereas the pain from the tooth being there will only get worse! You will be so happy to have it done, trust me. I have a temporary filling in my troublesome wisdom tooth to settle it down that has basically made me the happiest I've been in 9 months (that's how long I've suffered with chronic pain that affected me in my neck, jaw and head - but not the tooth itself!), so I can't wait to see it gone!
Oh you poor poor thing. :cry: I feel your pain on SO many levels. You arent alone in this whatsoever.

I went through that for half of the month of October leading into November until I got them removed then the pain lessened. I had the exact same issue. All mine were impacted but it was only on my left side but the one on top was pushing against my molar making the pain unbearable. Mine was only one that was truly hurting...It threw my bite off, gave me an infection along with a terrible ulcer (a few of them actually) I to had many nights where I cried my eyes out and was in a fetal position. It was awful...I barely got any sleep nor could eat. I also stayed up ALL night long until i passed out from exahausted. I was so scared I thought my bite had even shifted because I couldn't even close my mouth properly. :(
My pain was also terrible during the nighttime. I think its because during the nightime is when we "calm down" or get "sleepy" and become more aware of things unlike during the day when we're usually "busy" and our minds are preoccupied. :/
I tried using multi oralgel things but nothing really made it better. I tried using salt water rinses, eating cold things (I remember trying to put a cold rag to my left cheek to help) and I was even on antibiotics on/off but it only did so much. The best thing you can do is to get it out as Ive learned the pain never fully left until they were outta my mouth LOL

I had to wait 2 full weeks to see an OS due to my insurance and I remember they wanted me to get IV Sedation and I even had the choice of GA so i was like oooh thats better. So i tried requesting getting GA but I was told Id have to wait 3 weeks and Im like heck nah I want these out NOW. So I went with IV sedation and that same week (it was monday when i had a consulation) on that friday I got it all done.

Like you I was really scared about the needle thing and about how painful i would feel after it was all over but i felt NO pain whatsoever after I got mine out. I was also scared Id feel and see everything or possibly wake up. (that was my biggest fear; but I never did not once)
The moment it goes in iam sure your going to be knocked out and then wake up and see its all over.
:XXLhug: Thats how it was for me I remember bawling my eyes out...then I woke up and all done.
The only thing that really sucks about this process is having to bite on gauze pads. lol I salivated alot it was not fun. I personally never had any pain or issues but I didnt eat solids till my second week. It also gets annoying to have to constantly use a syringe but you get used to it. ^^;

I do not think they will end up switching you over; I have faith that these guys will find your vein and get it done properly dont worry. <3

But for now please try and have them get them out asap and continue drinking cold water. Itl be all good and better once they are out I promise!