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Pain getting worse a week after Wisdom tooth extraction



Junior member
Jan 21, 2017
Hello... last week I had my lower right impacted wisdom tooth removed. The surgeory went well and I didn't feel much pain during or after. On the 4th day after the removal I'm having serious pain in my premolar and moler... but the moler next to the extraction site and the extraction are fine! The pain is getting worse daily and more so at night. I went back to the dentist today (7days from surgeory) had my stitches out and the dentist said it's all feeling fine. Told him about my pain and he said he didn't touch anywhere near that area and it shouldn't be hurting as there's no cavitys! And he sent me on my way!
But the pain is causing me real discomfort I'm almost at the point of tears! Pain killers arnt helping either
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


Junior member
Jan 21, 2017
Maybe teeth are trying to re-align?

I had some soreness on both my upper and bottom front teeth after the surgery, especially when I lay down. It felt like as if someone is putting a lot of pressure on them!

The feeling comes and goes for me. I tried not to jump onto painkiller.

Not very helpful but just letting you know my experience.