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Pain in adjacent teeth after wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Jun 11, 2014
Hi, I had my upper right wisdom tooth removed 6 days ago and all has been going fine. I had my upper left removed last year and that healed perfectly.

This one has been less painful than my previous one, and I can already open my mouth as wide as I could before. However, this afternoon I started to get a throbbing pain in the teeth next to where I had my tooth removed, and it keeps on radiating on down my upper jaw on the right hand side. I can't eat on that side at all, each time I bite down I get really bad pain. I've just taken some ibuprofen but was just wondering what you guys think could be causing it? It's really not very nice =(
It is impossible to provide you with a responsible answer without checking you or at least looking on an X-ray.
If the pain is not improving within the next week, I suggest you get it checked.