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Pain in broken molar after root canal treatment



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Apr 8, 2024
Hi, I have a broken molar that got a root canal treatment last year. Unfortunately, it has to be extracted because it’s broken down the gumline. I went to dentist A last week and he said it’s okay to wait with extraction for a while because it’s not urgent. He also looked at the gum around the molar and said it still looks good. I went to dentist C (same practice) and dentist W (another practice, for second opinion) in February and both didn’t said it was urgent and that the tooth should be extracted asap but that it has to be extracted eventually. I mentioned to C that I suffer from dental phobia and he said I’m lucky the pain isn’t severe and I should do some therapy first before taking the steps. When I asked him if I should get worried and if other parts of my jaw can get infected he said no. I do feel pain sometimes but it’s not affecting my daily life like going to work etc. I’m I having pain because the molar is broken? I mean the nerves have been removed during the root canal treatment so I think it’s only caused by the fracture? In general I have a good oral hygiene. I always floss, brush both my teeth and tongue and occasionally use a Waterpik. I have also started rinsing my mouth with warm water and salt. Should I be worried or I’m overthinking right now? Because I’m anxious about it and need some time to so I can go to therapy to work on my fear. Some advice is very welcome!
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Sorry, what do you want to know?