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Pain in root treated teeth months after treatment



Junior member
Feb 28, 2018
Last year I had horrendous pain in an upper molar. I was convinced it was in my only root canal treated tooth which had been done 20 years earlier. I was sent to an endodontist who said it was in the tooth behind and root treated that one. The pain continued. She then re-treated the old root canal treated tooth. The pain continued. She then treated the one the other side of it (third one which was badly decayed). Since then the pain has come and gone. I went to see another specialist who did a CBCT scan. That was inconclusive and he said leave it 6 months with temp crowns and fillings and see if it settles. It did a bit (however I think this may have been down to some super strength antibiotics I was given for a separate medical condition).

The pain has now returned again and is constant. It is not throbbing nor severe so I am sure there is no nerve tissue left. None of the teeth are sensitive to touch, pressure, hot or cold. None of the scans or x-rays have some any cracks or fractures. I am therefore swaying to the idea that there is a tiny offshoot canal somewhere which has some residual bacteria in it which keeps returning, despite all the root treatments being carried out under a microscope.

The massive dilemma is - not one dentist or endodontist I have seen can tell me which of the three teeth the pain is coming from. As nothing is evident they can only go on my say so and I always point to the middle one. However, referred pain is so common I may be wrong. Can anyone please recommend the best course of action as I am so angry, frustrated and upset of this problem continuing, particularly with my intense phobia of dentists! I am tempted to travel to London to see a specialist and see if they can give me any further information but I am not sure there are any more advanced tests than I have had already. I cannot bear the thought of having an extraction when nobody knows for certain which tooth is the culprit.

Please help/advise!

Sorry to read about your difficult situation. Hope it gets better soon. The most reasonable thing is to get another (second) opinion, this time maybe from an oral surgeon?