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Pain in tooth next to extraction



Junior member
Sep 14, 2023
I had my first molar extracted exactly 10 days ago. This tooth and the tooth behind it (second molar) were root canalled.
Since the extraction the second molar has been in a lot of pain! Is this just due to trauma in the area? It was a very difficult extraction and ended up needing to be surgically extracted.
Also as you can see in the pic the roots of the first molar were very close to those of the second molar. Please tell me this will recover and I’m just completely freaking out for no reason? On the day of extraction the dentist tapped on the second molar and it was completely fine so it’s too big of a coincidence that it is suddenly painful now?? I also got a dry socket after the extraction which has since been packed with an alveogyl dressing. I also took a 5 day course of Flagyl as a precautionary measure.
Please give me a bit of reassurance that this pain will go away by itself? Terrified of the dentist and hate going back multiple times.


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Hi mollymoo123,

we have something about this in our FAQ here:

Hope it helps
Thanks @Enarete
I suppose I just couldn’t find any story that was the exact same as mine as it’s been 11 days now so was I hoping for some more advice 🙈
Short and simple answer really...

Has the pain been improving or staying the same? If it's improving then happy days, it's on the way to recovery. If there's no improvement then back to the dentist I'm afraid.
Thanks @Gordon .. followed your advice and seen the dentist again yesterday. Nothing looks wrong with the tooth I’m getting pain in.. but he thinks there might be some remnants of infection in the extraction site which is causing extra inflammation in the area .. would this make sense? Sorry I have awful trust issues when it comes to dental issues 🙈
I’m on a 5 day course of amoxicillin now anyway so hopefully that will help with the awful pain I’m in 🤞🏼
would this make sense?
Yes. Absolutely. Flagyl will kill off one group of bacteria, Amoxycillin will kill off the ones that are immune to Flagyl.