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Pain in tooth or gum next to extracted tooth

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Feb 24, 2010
Edmonton, AB, Canada
So last month I had #2 tooth extracted.
Is it normal for #3 to be sensitive to cold now??

I figure because the one side of #3 used to be protected from cold liquids by tooth #2, once I had #2 pulled the protected side of #3 was exposed and now I get sharp "pain" (its not really pain but no better word to describe) whenever I drink anything cold.

Is my logic correct? I mean that side of the tooth has never been in contact with anything cold because there was another tooth behind it for 15 years, and now that other tooth is gone so this one is cold sensitive??

Is this right? or do I need to see a dentist about this sensitivity???
Yes, you're almost completely correct.

Your theory is only slightly wrong, the reason for the sensitivity is actually because there's been a little bit of bone lost on the side of the tooth where the extraction was carried out, this has caused a small area of the root on the sensitive tooth to be exposed to the oral environment and that's caused the sensitivity.

It will get better in time, but if you want to hurry things along, then the old favourite of sensitive tooth toothpaste rubbed directly onto the affected area will help, or you can go back to your dentist and get them to treat it.

It doesn't happen to everybody but it's not that uncommon.

Think we'll make this a sticky post for future reference, hope this is OK with you?
Totally fine.:)
Just wanted to know what's up.
Thanks Gordon.
Gum and tooth next to extraction site sore

The tooth next to the 1st lower molar I had removed 12 days ago has felt a bit strange for about a week or so now, I felt around it & the gum beneath it & the gum felt softer than normal. I know I shouldn't have done this, however I have OCD & other anxiety disorders & at times this can lead to things like compulsive checking of parts of my body, etc. So I felt like compulsions to push the gum area with my tongue & then it felt like the tooth was moving upwards so I started pushing downwards on the top of the tooth with my tongue, I repeated this on & off for a little while, finally after being panicked I did it in front of a mirror & couldn't see the tooth looking like it was moving so assumed I was just imagining things. Problem is afterward that tooth & gum have been sore off & on, this wasn't an issue before. Placing pressure on it like tooth brushing causes some pain as well.

I'm just worried I did some damage or something scary. I know I shouldn't have done what I did & wont again even if I'm tempted but I can't change it now.
You won't have damaged anything.

Sometimes the tooth next to an extraction site gets a bit traumatised during the process, it can take time to settle down and some wiggling around can make it a bit more tender for a while. No chance of any lasting damage though :)

Since about a week, my last molar on the upper right is sensitive when I brush my teeth. I can't say it's pain but something feels funny.

It is only when I brush my teeth. Not when eating, drinking or with hot or cold.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in April, but since it is now July I doubt that could have anything to do with it.

When I just brush the tooth itself I don't feel anything. I just feel it when I brush in the gum area, especially when I brush the back of the tooth (where the wisdom tooth used to be next to it). Again, it's not really pain, more a sensitivity. My gums feel fine otherwise and there is no bleeding or anything like that.

I had my last full check up at the dentist in May. Everything looked good then, no cavitities.

I don't have much experience with cavities. Could this be one? Dentistry is pretty expensive (don't have dental insurance) and since I've just been in May I don't want to rush there again.
I've been putting some toothpaste for sensitive teeth on the spot each night before going to bed. This seems to make it a little less.

Please give me your opinions. Is this a cavity and do I need to see a dentist or is this just a sensitive tooth?

It sounds as if the gum has retreated a bit. It happens often after a tooth extraction that the gums at the adjacent teeth recess a bit. As a result an area uncovered by enamel becomes a bit exposed hence sensitivity for brushing.
It is not a cavity.
Keep on brushing (gently) using toothpaste for sensitive teeth or with high concentration of fluoride. If it does not help, your dentist or oral hygienist can smear some materials which protect the sensitive area.
Thanks Daniel! You've put my mind at ease.

The extraction was in April and the sensitivity just started last week. Is it normal for it to take this long for this kind of problem to start?
Yes. It takes up till 6 weeks until the gum reaches its final shape and height.
I’m just wondering if maybe anyone has experienced this. About 2 and a half years ago I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed due to really bad pain and after the extraction the oral surgeon said that a lot of pus came out and it was definitely infected (sorry for the graphic). This tooth was mostly erupted and definitely not impacted so it was not a surgical extraction.

Anyway, after about a month of recovery, the pain went away and it was fine until about 2 months ago. The extraction site starts to ache spontaneously. Sometimes the pain is triggered when food or drink gets near the site so I have avoided eating on that side. Sometimes brushing my teeth in that spot triggers it or even if I rub my tongue against the area. But other times it just starts hurting out of nowhere. Could this be some type of nerve damage? I would think it would have been hurting all along instead of randomly 2 years later. I did have my wisdom tooth and my second molar extracted on the bottom on that same side.

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Just went to the dentist for X-rays 2 weeks ago, but he said nothing about anything being wrong in the area I’m referring to.
What can happen after an extraction is that the bone remodels and this can expose a bit of root surface of the teeth directly next to the extraction site. This can cause symptoms of sensitivity to cold/hot/sweet etc.

Chances are this is what's happening to you and will get better with some sensitive tooth treatment, either DIY with toothpaste or the dentist has more potent stuff they can use...
Last Friday I got tooth #1 *upper right back molar* extracted. As far as I know there were no complications. I have noticed trying to eat on that side my upper teeth hurt, as if they're dense. It's a weird pressure feeling, as if they could break just from chewing the simplest things. Now I'm so scared that something is wrong with them. I had no pain in these teeth prior to extraction. They look okay mostly from what I can see, there isnt any pain in the extraction site. Is this a normal feeling to have after this? I havent had any upper teeth pulled other than 3 in the front that broke years ago due to a frozen piece of celery I bit into too hard (I have a partial now for this.), and my wisdom teeth. I have an appointment October 7 to get some cavities filled (as far as I know there is one in the bottom front, and a couple on the upper left side.) But my dentist cant get me in any sooner. Is this something I should be afraid of, or will those teeth get better as everything heals?
Chances are that the dentist has been "leaning" on these teeth a bit during the extraction, so the ligaments holding them in are a bit stressed. It should ease off in a further few days as the ligaments recover.
Thank you for your reply, this makes sense! I get so anxious before the dentist, and then after if something seems different. I'm so happy that I found this forum to ease my mind. Thank you again!
Can anyone tell me if it's normal for the tooth "next door" to be hurting, almost a week after an extraction....?
Yes it's fairly common, usually caused by the dentist "leaning" on the neighbour teeth during the extraction.
Good afternoon, I am about 24 hours post extraction of tooth 14. I have noticed that I am having pain in tooth 13, which is root canalled and crowned. I am extremely paranoid that something happened to it during the surgery or that it became infected somehow, as it is tender. The whole area is tender and sensitive due to the extraction. Can someone give some insight if this is normal?
It's perfectly normal. Sometimes the neighbouring tooth is used as a fulcrum when removing the "target" tooth, which can put a bit of excess pressure on the little ligament that holds the tooth in place, other times it's just the general inflammation in the area due to the surgery. It should settle down in another couple of days.
Thanks for your reply I appreciate it!
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