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Pain in tooth/teeth 7 months after filling



Mar 15, 2017
I had fillings re-done (cavities were initially filled years ago) on my 2 back left molars back in August. After getting the fillings I had developed pain and sensitivity. The dentist that did the fillings did not know why the pain was happening, said the x ray looked ok. I went to another dentist for a second opinion and he said something similar and tried adjusting my bite. He said my back molar has a very deep cavity but doesn’t look like it’s touching a nerve. I was still in pain so it was suggested to go to an endodontist. The endodontist said the same thing and told me to wait it out. After about a month the pain subsided. Until Yesterday- I began developing pain and sensitivity again. I know that I clench my teeth at night and maybe this could have contributed to it. I can’t even tell which tooth is the offending tooth because the entire area is in pain. I took Advil earlier and it didn’t seem to help much. I am currently already on antibiotics for about a week from a suspected sinus infection. Has anyone had similar experiences of pain subsiding then returning? Could this much pain result from clenching or am I just in need of a root canal/canals? Also can general dentists do root canals? The endodontist I went to was the only one I could find that took my insurance however I didn’t care for him.
Are these upper or lower teeth? Sinus issues can give you pretty convincing toothache in your upper teeth, I know from painful experience.
These are actually bottom molars. Sorry I forgot to indicate in my first post.
OK then, start with your general dentist, you need to have them do some pulp testing on the painful teeth.

It's possible that the bite is off and that if you're clenching on them you're causing some pain, but they need to eliminate any nerve involvement too.
A general dentist can do a RCT but a specialist will have more experience and better equipment for the job.
Thank you! Pain has lessened since wearing an over the counter night guard so I'm guessing clenching has something to do with it. Just strange that the pain radiates through the entire tooth/teeth.