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Pain on biting



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Dec 22, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
On February 3rd, I had gum grafts on the right side top and bottom and a new crown on the bottom left, all with sedation. I’m now eating only on the left side while my gum grafts heals. I started noticing pain on biting on the left side, if I eat something that’s not totally soft. The pain stops when I’m not biting down on some food that offers a bit of resistance. I’m not exactly sure which teeth would be at fault but it feels it could be one of my 2 molars on that left top side, one of them being above the crowned tooth. Right now, my follow up for getting the sutures removed is on February 22nd.

My question is, should I simply return to eating only soft food and wait for my appointment on the 22nd? Could this be related to the fact I’m only eating on the left side and things will get better when I get back to eating both sides?

My last dentist checkup was on January 26.
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I'd just wait for your appointment assuming it doesn't get any worse.