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Pain on both sides of chin



Feb 5, 2020
Hello! Last night I started having a mysterious aching in the bone to both the left and right of my chin and woke up with it this morning still. Not in the chin but on both sides. Teeth feel fine. Gums feel fine.

I had my last cleaning in December and all was well with my teeth. What could be causing this? I had no injuries or anything Yesterday. Could it be teeth related and something progressed that quickly to cause an infection in the bone? Perhaps an abscess? But, Would it be on both sides of my mouth?

Just an aching along both sides even when I’m not touching it— feels bruised in the bone almost. On top of the bone and then beneath it along the jaw line. Feels sore to the touch all along the jaw bone from the midline to maybe where my premolars would be.

I just get so worried that something is wrong with my teeth and I start to go into panic mode
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@Pearly77 do you grind your teeth? I find that my jaw is often very painful if i have had a bad night grinding my teeth in my sleep.
@MumOfBoys1985 thanks for your reply! I don’t think so but maybe? It’s so strange. It’s not directly on my chin but hurts on either side of it. Which makes me think it’s not my teeth because it wouldn’t skip the middle if that makes sense ?

And it’s not up towards my ears, either. Literally just hurts on either side of my chin. Who knows.
@Pearly77 are your glands in your neck swollen? Whatever it is I hope it settles down soon
You could have a medical issue ... so instead of running to a dentist, please see a MD first. I understand you're worried about your teeth but ... it probably has nothing to do with your teeth.