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Pain relief/ comfort during procedure considerations with extensive work including ridge split



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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
This could be for dentist or if anyone has experience specifically ridge split. I have had the rest of the work done previously so know I would be ok without any special help beyond local anesthetics.. but will be first for ridge split.

I was considering to do Lorazepam, however there are major considerations between that and the pain medications and from what I hear I will want the pain meds for the first at least day or so.. typically I only take the heavy pain meds during the night hours to sleep and then tylenol/ibuprophen during the day.. but not sure what to expect with this..

Wondering if I should skip the Lorazepam and just do local... I don't want to do sedation.. and have been fine with local with everything else. I am confident in my dentist and his work so pretty at ease right now in general.. but with this procedure.. plus some additional work what do you suggest?
Hi krlovesherkids777,

just wanted to say I really hope a dentist or someone with experience replies to this soon, so sorry to see you haven't got any replies so far.. I don't even know what a ridge split is..

Sending you a hug, hope you get a reply soon and glad to read you are happy with your dentist, he sounds like a keeper :)
I hope you get an answer as well. I also don't know what a ridge split is.

Here's some hugs and positive thoughts sent your way!
@Enarete @MountainMama

Thank you both so much for your support.. A ridge split, is.. well my bone where I've had my partial for 20 years is too thin and my dentist is helping me to get implants in that area but he has tu cut or shave down part of the bone then split it and pack with bone graft to be able to hold implants. so like widen the bone . I'm trying not to look too much into it I trust my dentist.. just sounds painful.. and a bit intense.. :). Any new procedure I get understandably a bit more nervous ...:unsure: Thankfully I pm'ed a dentist and he got back to me with a very kind answer :). I'm actually very excited for the start of my dream of getting rid of my bottom partial after years.. Love that it can actually happen now with the advances in dentistry and all that they can do!! And caring dentists to help to do it... now to go through the motions :)
Thankfully I pm'ed a dentist and he got back to me with a very kind answer :).

Delighted to read this and bless the dentist. This forum obviously is the kindest place to be in on the internet and nobody is ever left alone.:love:

What motions are you going through?
@Enarete , You are the best :grouphug:

I so agree with you.. this forum really is the kindest place where I have met some of the very nicest and strongest people!! And the dentists among them.. :) Yes, for sure.. on blessing the dentist and all who help on here :).

Going through the motions.. just taking step by step... next pretty much showing up. :) sitting in the chair and going for it.. anytime I get fear, I refocus and think of my dental dreams and how they will be coming true very soon.. Now.. one thing I will need to do is stay away from the temptation of youtube and too much Google. :)
I've done them before. They are usually only performed in the top arch but with special techniques can be done in lower arch. Most people take something significant for pain first day only. You might have bruising and more swelling due to some tissue dissection needed to achieve closure.
Thank you for answering @comfortdentist . Would you say local anesthetic could be enough for in the chair?
Local should work fine the issues being longer procedure and with the site open the anesthesia may need to be added to during the procedure. If this same dentist has treated you before and done this procedure then the doctor should know what is good for your needs.
Thank you @comfortdentist . That is helpful! He has done quite a bit of work and is very good with giving me enough and intuitive of any signs of discomfort as well as respecting stopsigns . its one of the reasons I'm trusting him with this. The procedure itself seems a little intimidating when looking at info.