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Pain & sensitive to cold and hot after root canal



Junior member
May 4, 2024

I had a root canal done one year ago and have had pain/cold sensitivity ever sińce

The dentist redid it 3 months after the original treatment with no success

I went back after 3 more months. She tapped the tooth and when I told her it still aches- she said I will have to live with it and that she wont do anything and refused an X ray (I suspect the root is broken)
The dentist also said that the neighbouring root treated tooth has infection and that it can’t be redone as there is a post and hardly any tooth left
I’m so worried as I already lost half of my teeth (have numerous implants)

I would appreciate any advice

Kind regards

Hi, have you considered seeing an endodontist (root canal specialist) for an assessment? They might be able to figure out what is happening and give you advice on what to do. You can find more info here:


Thanks :) - Yes - both root canals were done by an endodontist