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Pain slight face swelling deep filled tooth?



Junior member
Jan 23, 2016

So in February I had a composite that had broken and lot decay got in and it was meant to have a composite in again but after drilling I was bleeding too much so dentist placed a glass ionomer filling. It's deep and there feels like a sharp area. It's a top right wisdom tooth by the way.

Was in pain for about 3 weeks referred pain sore jaw etc. Got better until cold water triggered pain again.

Was mentioned there is a small shadow area in the tooth next to it which is filled from years ago .l but nothing was investigated. Seems it could be involved now.

So fast forward I have pain that gets worse with cold water etc. Not just chilled water but chilled fridge water retriggered it. And it feels like when pain flares my jaw aches face pain etc. Swollen gland feeling ( maybe linked to jaw pain ) totally feels like nerve pain all on that side of face and jaw.

I see a new dentist next week. What can I do for pain etc in the mean time? Am I safe to leave it ?
Hello just bumping this for it to be noticed please. Thank you.
Hi, we’ve got a page for dealing with dental pain here:

Sadly we don’t have full-time staff to answer questions on here… if you ever meet a dentist who might be interested in volunteering, please let us know 😀
Thank you I totally understand.
If it’s more like jaw pain than dental pain, this page may also be helpful:

Hopefully your new dentist will be able to figure out what’s happening next week - let us know how you got on!
Yes will do thank you.
Hope all is well with you lol.

My stupid pain seems to also get triggered by too much movement. I don't know. It's annoying.
So update today is. I saw a new dentist. My deeply filled too wisdom tooth has died. I had excruciating pain that only cold water would ease I was up all night then pain subsided. He took a panoramic xray today. Extraction in few weeks. Need a filling too on a bottom tooth lol. Guess the deep filling killed the tooth off. Couldn't be helped I suppose.