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pain when i hit near the filling



Junior member
Apr 4, 2018
I had a temporary filling done because mine fell out. When I eat, I sometimes hit that area and feel a sharp pain. I heard about cracked tooth syndrome and it relates to my situation. The dentist was lovely and was so considerate of my feelings. I have another appointment on 20th June. I will tell him about this. It has come to a point where I will consider paying for root canal soon or have my tooth taken out. It happened the first time, I would feel a sort of pain when the filling hit it. It's making me really anxious and kinda depressed. I wish I could eat without worrying. If only the dentist didn't do it and i'd be fine. I don't know why the tooth would hit the nerve. Now I just have to eat slowly and mush it up in a way. Then Im worried about dry socket. I just want this to be over.
The filling could be too high! Phone dentist back and ask to see him before 20thjune! They will prob just shave a slight bit off it x
I agree with Saralou about getting it adjusted it may be a quicker than you think adjustment and fix. its amazing what a few millimeters shaved off a filling might do. and it sounds like the dentist was pleasant and caring enough to approach him and ask for a look at it , you may be able to buy some time if you get it adjusted. I know personally it is really hard to ask sometimes,, but it will be worth it .