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Painful gum swelling



Junior member
Mar 5, 2016
So I got a root canal done 4 months ago about . It started hurting again and I was put on antibiotics , got an X-ray- everything came back fine.

Now next to the root canal tooth my gum is poofy and painful to touch and pressure and causes my jaw to be tender on that side. I’ve gone into the dentist several times . They’ve done xrays, put medicine around the tooth, and deep cleaned the two teeth next to the hurting gum.

We determined today when my dentist numbed me the pain stopped isolating it to the gum not the teeth . She tapped on my teeth too and no pain. Xrays showed no infection.

I’m just scared because they seem stumped. She said bacteria may have gotten trapped in my gum near the tooth and deep cleaned my gum and teeth while I was numb , gave me listorine to take home with me and told me to rinse and just make sure that area stays very clean .

my next checkup is the 17th to see how I will be doing . I’m just scared ... my gum is so sore and tender and from what I’m hearing they don’t know why. I’m so anxious and scared I have something horrible like a cancer or infection that’s going to really harm me.

Id love some insight here :(
It's not cancer.
The dentist's diagnosis seems pretty reasonable, so do what they say for a bit and see how it goes. If it's still sore at the end of the week then see if they can get you back in a bit earlier.
Missiri can I ask how this gum situation turned out?