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Painful hard lump in cheek after wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
May 27, 2011
Hello all,

I have been reading this forum for quite some time, especially before I got my wisdom teeth removed and it really helped calm my nerves!!

I had my lower 2 wisdom teeth removed under GA last friday (20th) and everything has been ok. The right one was fine but the left one was a partial bony impaction so I had some bone removed and had stitches.
The swelling in my left cheek was quite bad and on Tuesday I noticed a hard lump in my cheek, a bit like a marble right next to my first molar. It looks like I've tucked a gobstopper there! I called my dentist and she didn't seem bothered, said it could be fluid or blood or a little infection. Wednesday I woke up in agony so went to the hospital oral surgery clinic, they said I have dry socket and an infection of the surrounding tissue so I am now on antibiotics and more painkillers. I asked this dentist about the hard lump because it is really painful and again told it will go down.

Well it's now Friday and I think this lump hurts more than the dry socket!! I can feel it from the inside and outside of my cheek, it's incredibly painful. Does anybody know what this is or how I can relieve it? I've been religiously doing salt water rinses ever since the surgery but nothing is making it better :( Please help me I am really scared...

Thank you for your support, this is a great forum!


Super Moderator
Verified dentist
Dec 7, 2008
Welwyn Garden City, UK
Hi Em,

Obviously it is difficult to be sure without actually seeing the area but it unlikely to be anything to worry about. Dry sockets are awful but they do tend to resolve after about two weeks. So you’ve got about a week of healing to go. See how it is after another week, hopefully it will be feeling and looking much better.