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Painful incomplete extraction yesterday, need some advice please.



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Jul 9, 2014
Over the course of the past 2 months, I needed 4 extractions to be done as these teeth were hugely decayed and deeply filled and could not be saved.

The first 2 were upper left molars (not wisdom) which were removed on the 25th of June 2014. It took my dentist literally 5 minutes to pull both out without any complications. The healing process was fairly easy.

Next came the other 2 which are 2 bottom right molars (not wisdom). One - a very decayed tooth and the other - a root canal that was starting to break. I went in yesterday to have them removed with this huge fear that I always have when I have to go to dentists. I sat in the chair and was given the anesthesia to cover all of the areas of the gum. My dentist said that said that she would try to take them out. However, if the teeth wouldn't budge, she would just refer me to a specialist for surgical removal. 45 minutes later, after a hell lot of pushing on the decayed tooth, the tooth broke (a small part of which she removed) and she decided to stop and refer me to a specialist. Now, I have severe pain all around the gum which she said will be normal since there has been a lot of digging. A tiny movement of my jaw hurts and even walking hurts my mouth. I have a few questions. Any answers and advice will be greatly appreciated.

1. My dentist told me that the NHS referral could take 8 weeks max and until then, the gum will grow over the broken teeth and the surgeon will just cut through the gum and bone and extract the teeth. In someone's personal experience, can a referral take lesser time like maybe a month? I live in Luton and this was my first time going to the dentist here. Will the procedure be done under local or general anesthetic? Do I get to choose and will that be covered by the nhs or will I have to pay extra if I want GA?

2. Might it be a better option to go private and get it done next week instead of waiting for the referral to come through? How much can this cost? I have attached a picture of what it looks like now. It might help. I will be traveling by the end of August for 2 weeks and would like the healing to be complete by then. Or, if the healing wouldnt take place until then, I would rather wait until September. Can this cause further complications or difficulty eating?

3. Is there a possibility of getting a dry socket or infection from the procedure yesterday? There is a tiny hole where she removed part of the tooth. I am taking 400mg ibuprofen every 6 hours but it doesn't seem to be helping with the jaw soreness.

4. What kind of foods can I eat from my left side from where the first 2 extractions were done? There is a hole now and I don't want to disturb the healing process. Right now, my diet is mostly milk products and soft foods (mashed potato). I avoid rice or sticky foods as I am afraid the food will get stuck inside the hole. Should I start eating rice, chicken, soft sandwiches etc.. ?

I do apologise for having given maybe too much information but I just need to know that I am doing the right thing.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you. photo.jpg
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Sounds like a pretty traumatic procedure you went through. I think the pain will settle over the next day or so. Keep taking the painkillers until then. Do not overdose but take them at the recommended intervals.
From your photo it looks like there is so much tooth left that a dry socket is most unlikely. I would stick with softish foods until it feels more comfortable.
I good option for you might be to ask for a referral to the Leagrave dental sedation clinic in Luton. They should be able to see you under the NHS and provide treatment under sedation.

Good luck

Thank you for your helpful reply. I will ask my dentist to refer me to the leagrave clinic. It might be easier to get the teeth out under sedation rather than having to go through a bad experience again :(