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Painful teeth and decay in molars. Going to dentist Friday and scared to death of losing more teeth. Can’t sleep. Can’t calm down



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Mar 3, 2018
Have pain in the back of my right molars and see decay in two teeth and freaking out that I might lose a tooth. I’ve lost so many I’ve had so many extracted. I’ve had so many bad experiences that I’m freaking out I can’t sleep I don’t wanna eat, I just don’t know how to get through this
Have you thought about asking your doctor or dentist to prescribe you something for the anxiety? I've got an appointment myself in less than an hour and I went from a 9/10 in anxiety to about a 5/10. I'm still scared about what might come (I don't have any signs of issues, but they always seem to find something that needs fixing), but I'm not panicking.
I am taking meds and will take a small dose of something Friday. Just want to under what he is saying to me. Would rather just be out.
I’ve been going through a big process of decay removal from my lower molars (all first and second molars) for the past two months. Three fillings and yesterday a crown. I had a fourth filling on a lower second pre-molar and next need one on the other lower pre-molar.
I had some pain before this journey started. The hardest part was realising and being shown (through photos and X-rays) how bad they were.
The pain is now gone and I can eat normally again. I have dental fear and mild anxiety generally (not medicated).
All I can recommend is that if you can find an understanding dentist, you will be okay. Best of luck.
@Rfaith I am exactly the same as you. I am terrified of losing more teeth and I'm going to the Dentist tomorrow morning because a filling fell out yesterday. Since it happened I have had extreme anxiety, can't eat and feel physically ill. I know exactly how you are feeling and it's just too terrible. I have had phobia of going to the dentist since I was in my teens due to unnecessary work I had done and it traumatised me. I feel for anyone who has this fear. I'm not seeing my usual dentist tomorrow which is worrying me even more. I wish you luck and understand totally how you are feeling.
@Lindylou1601 keeping my fingers crossed that the dentist you see tomorrow is really nice and a good fit for you 👍!

Not sure if this might be of any use:

It's a "Your wellbeing during dental visits" form which you can give to your potential dentist to explain what you're worried about and what might help.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow and please let us know how you got on!
Hi and thank you so much for your kind message and support yesterday. I have been to the dentist today after 4 years and it transpires I have to have 2 fillings replaced and not 1. I explained to her my fear of losing teeth and she was so kind. I have to go back on Friday for the fillings but I feel so much calmer now that I finally made the difficult decision to go and overcome my fear. Thanks again for this wonderful site. ❤️
Oh @Lindylou1601 that’s wonderful news! (about the dentist being kind an supportive rather than the two vs one, lol) :thumbsup!:. Sounds like she’s a keeper!

Wishing you all the best for Friday :grouphug:
Thank you so much. I'm so proud of myself to have faced my worst fear and your site helped me so much to do it. 😊