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Painless swelling after wizzie removal?



Junior member
Apr 1, 2010
I had my wisdom teeth removed 12 days ago. Everything improved daily and it seems to be healing properly, but two days ago I noticed swelling in the soft tissue next to my gum right beside the hole on the left bottom side. It's completely painless but definitively swollen (it feels like a hard lump) and I know for sure it's "new" swelling (the initial post-surgery swelling went down after less than 48 hours).

Should I be worried? What can it be?

Try not to worry, it is sure to be 'something of nothing', just pop into your dentist (after making an appointment...) and get it checked over to put your mind at rest.

Thank you Bee, you've already pretty much put my mind at ease. The "painless" bit is a big hint it isn't anything serious :)
maybe something of small concern

"An acute abscess may be painless but still have a swelling present on the gum. "

as recommended I would def drop by the dentist and have them take a look :)